Evénement : When Robot Writes Poetry – Online Debate on Poetry and Artificial Intelligence (Robot píše básně Online debata o umělé inteligenci a psaní poezie). Czech Centre Brussels.

23 avril 2021

When Robot Writes Poetry – Online Debate on Poetry and Artificial Intelligence

Robot píše básně Online debata o umělé inteligenci a psaní poezie

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5. 5. 2021 18:00

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It was in January 1921 at the National Theatre in Prague that Karel Čapek’s famous theatre play R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots (or Rezon’s Universal Robots) was presented for the first time and was brought to worldwide fame. The role of robots (and technology in general) as the executive force has not changed since. Technical achievements are intended to help people and thus to serve humanity, and to fulfill its assigned tasks precisely. When artificial intelligence begins to assert itself outside its defined field, when a robot writes a poem, one remains surprised.

AI accompanies us on an everyday basis, so let’s admit that it has a place in arts and in poetry as well. Zuzana Husárová (multimedia artist) together with software developer Ľubomír Panák will explain how poetry is written by the neural network. Their contribution and involvement in neural networks gave birth to the first Slovak AI poet, Liza Gennart, who ‘wrote’ her first collection of poems, Výsledky vzniku (litt. Outcomes of Origin), in 2020. The poetic potential hidden in the most-used Internet search engine will be unveiled in the second part of the evening by Tomáš Miklica, the initiator of the Czech Internet project called Google Poezie (litt. Google poetry) and the main author of the eponymous book. Students from the Centre for Czech Studies at the ULB in Brussels and students from the Czech language course led by Dr. Veronika Tucker from Harvard University will share the outcome of the joint workshop on the subject of “robotic” texts.



  • Researcher and author of experimental literatureZuzana Husárová teaches at several renowned universities. She dedicates her time to the experimental literature across various media, sound poetry, and electronic literature throughout projects, collaborations, and multiple publications.
  • Ľubomír Panák is a programmer, photographer, musician, and sound artist. His electronic music has appeared in several music collections and he has been active in the Slovak experimental music scene as a live DJ.
  • Tomáš Miklica studied journalism at Charles University in Prague. He works as a journalist and communications specialist and is the author of a book that explores the poetic potential of the Google search engine.

In English, moderated by Petra James, director of the Centre for Czech Studies at ULB.

Organized by Centre for Czech Studies (ULB) and Czech Centre Brussels. With the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development (SLORD).



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