Conférence : Literary catalyst : the case of Mohamed Choukri

28 février 2019

Le lundi 11 mars 2019 à 18h00 au local UA4.2018, le Professeur Jonas Elbousty (Yale University) nous entretiendra de l’oeuvre de Mohamed Choukri.

In February 2011, civil unrest broke out in cities and villages across Morocco, echoing Choukri’s revolutionary and subversive narratives. Massive crowds gathered in Rabat, incited by social media coverage and similar protests in other Arab countries in the region, shouting “down with autocracy” and “the people want to change the constitution,” and they headed toward parliament to demand that the king give up some of his power. Similar protests broke out across Morocco echoing demands for better healthcare and education, economic reform, and increased wages. The banners carried, and slogans chanted, unequivocally echoed the rhetoric prevalent throughout Choukri’s writings, which also highlight the effects of inequality and oppression on the Moroccan citizenry. In his seminal work, For Bread Alone, Choukri lucidly and eloquently recounts the hardships that he underwent through the first decades of his life. Malnutrition, abject poverty, violence, and corruption are endemic symptoms that stirred civil protests, asking for social justice and a decent living. In his narratives, he tirelessly called for radical change, displaying a commitment and genuine care for the welfare of his fellow citizens.

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